Group Training

Reach your fitness goals with one of our Registered Small Group Programs. These programs are extremely popular, and unique to Muscle Memory. Each one of our programs is taught by a fully-certified instructor, with the focus on skill and technique in order to develop and achieve maximum results.

Through the years our Registered Small Group Programs have become hugely successful. We attribute this success and popularity to these three things:

  • The progressive nature of our eight-week registered programs. Each week is built on the previous workout, ensuring that our client’s see results faster, and never get bored of their workout routines.
  • We keep the class sizes small to ensure that everyone gets individual attention.
  • And finally, we only hire the “best of the best” to teach our programs.

Punch Pass Classes: $148 + GST (for 8 punch pass classes)

Our Punch Pass allows you to drop in to any of the Punch Pass Classes listed. These passes are perfect for the individual who wants to take us on “test-drive” and try our programs out for the first time. Or, for a current client who would like to try a variety of different classes each week, or for the individual who travels a lot and cannot commit to one of our 8-week programs.


Women’s Only Fitness: $10.50 per session

Muscle Memory’s Women’s Only class is a hit for all ages. This 30 minute strength circuit is designed specically for women and taught by one of our female personal trainers. Enjoy the privacy of the classroom and the luxury of the studio.

Class running time: 30 minutes, once a week, for 8 weeks

Senior Strength: $14 per session

We have designed this strength class specifically for seniors and it is taught by a certified third age instructor.

45 minute class

Beer League Group Training: $18.50 per session

Join us Thursday nights for an hour of hockey specific strength and cardio training. For those in the Men’s room this is much the same idea and is not only a great class for hockey training but all sports, as well as general fitness. We work everything from agility, speed, power, to flexibility. As with all our classes this is suitable for all fitness levels.

60 minutes class

FAT BURNER ™ – Small Group Training: $18.50 per session

This fast-paced, small group circuit program focuses on: aerobic training, fat burning, strength work, and core conditioning. The Fat Burner class is a one of a kind mix of everything you can imagine and is the idea total body workout for any and all levels of fitness. It is clear why this is our most sought after class!

Class running time: 60 minutes, meeting once a week, for 8 weeks

Power 30 : $10.50 per session

Meeting twice a week this 30-minute total-body conditioning workout is taught in a fast-paced circuit by one of our amazing trainers. You will be put through half an hour of strength specific stations and is a great mix for those who are currently doing their own cardio.

Class running time: 30 minutes, meeting twice a week, for 8 weeks

HIT Boot Camp: $18.50 per session

New to Muscle Memory! High Intensity Training Boot Camp. Take your fitness to the next level with this high intensity class that incorporates Olympic lifts and sport specific training circuits.

This hour long class runs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8am.
60 minute class

Boot Camp Express: $14 per session

This 45 minute class will cover a mix of full body strength and cardio circuit.

45 minute class

Indoor Boot Camp: $18.50 per session

Great for first timers all the way to our most experienced clients. There is no better way to start your day! Meeting 3 times per week this 60 minute class offers and ever changing variety of cardio and strength exercises. By keeping things new and fresh your trainer will keep you hooked in this early morning session.

60 minute class

Outdoor Boot Camp (M/W/F): $18.50 per session

Just like our Indoor boot camps, this outdoor group is great for all levels and offers a wide variety of cardio and strength exercises. We will be using the natural surroundings along with a full range of equipment to give you a great full body workout. Unlike other boot camps ours will be run by fully qualified and experienced personal trainers and best of all the equipment is supplied by us. The difference will be obvious in this unique outdoor group and you won’t be hitting plateaus by only using the single pair of weights other boot camps require you to bring. We will also keep things fresh with new and changing locations such as Fred Gingel Park, Diefenbaker Park and the Beach Grove Dyke.

60 minute class

Spin Express: $14 per session

Our spin express classes offer a high energy 45 minute cardio blast.

45 minute class

Spinning: $18.50 per session

As we simulate an amazing ride up mountains and speeding through the flats Spinning is a biking experience like no other and is great for all levels. By setting the class to music you will pedal to the beat in an energy filled private classroom.

60 minute class

Spin-Strength: $18.50 per session

This has quickly become a staple at muscle memory as our spin-strength class offers the perfect mix of high energy cardio with upper body and core strength. Each class begins with a 30 minute spin followed by a strength circuit and finished with stretching.

60 minute class

Titleist Performance Golf Fit: $18.50 per session

Like nothing that has ever been offered before, this small group focuses on mobility, strength, balance and power. We will work specifically on improving your turn, upper and lower body separation and flexibility. With the help of Titleist Professionals at TPI we are able to develop the highest end golf-fitness program there is.

60 minute class


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Personal & Group Training Hours:
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