At Muscle Memory we see clients face to face in the lower mainland area and we provide telephone or e-mail coaching internationally. We are committed to providing our clients with programs (and trainers) that are down to earth, intuitive, empathic and motivating, but not full of false promises.

We provide personalized training regimes and small group fitness programs that embody sound fitness practices that work and aren’t just the latest fad. Regardless of your initial level of fitness, we will challenge you, encourage you and share with you, the joys and benefits of physical fitness and health.

Mission: Muscle Memory is committed to be known as the leader in the health and fitness industry. We are dedicated to providing our client’s with the highest quality of service as we successfully lead them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Vision: Our vision is to be the lower mainland’s most professional boutique gym and personal training studio. We are dedicated to excellence and pride ourselves on being able to provide our clients with exceptional service at a realistic price.

Values: Muscle Memory places a high value on:
Their clients – Clients are the reason Muscle Memory exists. To continue to create loyal clients, Muscle Memory and their representatives will constantly strive to exceed their expectations and provide the support, motivation and inspiration so that their clients see results.

Their employees, trainers & instructors – All representatives of Muscle Memory are hand-picked and represent some of the most sought after trainers and instructors in the industry. At Muscle Memory we are dedicated to providing all of our personnel with continuous education, training and support because we realize that they are the hearts and souls behind the Muscle Memory name.

Their community – Muscle Memory supports the communities where we do our business through constant involvement and charitable contributions.

Philosophy: Our philosophy is that success in life is about balance – time for your personal interests, a career that you love, for family and friends…and for health and fitness. Our goal is to empower our clients so that they are clear about their personalized health and fitness plan and that they feel confident and capable of working on that plan to create successful, healthy lives.


“ The trainers push us hard enough to get the results we want while keeping it fun ”
Karen and Patti

“ I started training at Muscle Memory with my daughter because we were looking to upgrade our own workouts. I enjoy the atmosphere, and since I started coming, I’ve completed the Delta triathlon two years in a row. I am in the best shape of my life, stronger than I was in my twenties. Personal Training is the best way to improve your fitness. ”

Greg Baron
“ I highly recommend Muscle Memory and their fantastic trainers to anyone with a specific fitness goal or just looking for a healthier lifestyle. Oh, and my own resolution – down 43 pounds! Thanks Mike! ”
Christina Johnson

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